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Set the scene this weekend with Valentine’s Decor from Crossroads Factory Store



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Love your Crossroads candle even after the wax is gone!



First, before anything else, make sure your jar is cleaned well inside and out!

Once you start placing items on it, there is no going back to clean it some more.

Grab your favorite paper and colors and make a custom organizer to your taste!


•••• My Process ••••

I used glitter and scrapbook paper for mine. I cut the paper into a 1 1/2 inch strip, cut it to fit the width of the candle and glued it to the candle with Tacky Glue. Any form of glue that is approved for use with glass will work. I then used a glue stick on the bottom of the candle and sprinkled the glitter onto it. Elmer’s School glue would work well for this too (maybe better). Make sure to let it sit and dry completely so that the glitter is adhered and won’t scatter everywhere. I then used glitter glue as a border on the top of the paper to make it look like it was part of the original jar.

I added some twine to the lip of the jar last minute to give it a little more character. Some burlap or ribbon would also be cute!

Just have fun with it! No two jars will ever be the same! They would make a great Valentine’s Day gift.