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Fragrant Delights Odor Neutralizer Series


Crossroads Fragrant Delights Odor Neutralizer Series includes four refreshing nature scents in 6-ounce tins, 10-ounce jar candles and 6-ounce room sprays.

Odor neutralizers offer consumers who value cleanliness and convenience a way to maintain the freshness in their home between cleanings. These light, delicate fragrances will appeal to those who don’t want an overpowering or artificial air freshener, but simply want a clean, fresh scented home.  Burn time for candle tin is up to 40 hours; burn time for jar candle is 80 hours.  Great for pet owners, smokers, and cooks.

Neutralizer Fragrances

  • Island Air
    Succulent papaya, plump mango, and ripe coconut make up the heart of this tropical delight. The delicious aroma invokes memories of swaying palm trees and clear blue water on your favorite tropical island.
  • Mountain Mist
    The refreshing, cool scent of spring rain in the mountains. Soft florals combine with hints of juicy citrus and sensual musk in this delightful fragrance.
  • Sweet Summer Splash
    Refreshing splashes of cooling tangerine pervade this sweet, juicy treat. Fruity citrus invokes memories of sultry summer days.
  • Water Lotus
    Crystal clear water and beautiful blooming water lotus petals blend to produce a clean, fresh splash of nature.